Top 5 activities to do in Iceland

Iceland is an outdoor dream and one of the biggest playgrounds in the world. In Iceland you can find all kinds of activities and some of them will not end up on this list. I wanted to have a short list and something you could do in a short visit to Iceland. So we left out activities like horseback riding and rib boat safari at the glacier lagoon to name the a few.

So here we go:  Top 5 activities to do in Iceland privately!

Number 5 Snowmobiling

We have 2 glaciers to do snowmobiling and the good thing about it is on 2 of the favorite day tours in Iceland. Langjokull glacier is on the golden circle route an ideal glacier for snowmobiling. Explore the glacier with our private guide will give you Kodak opportunities. The other glacier we do snowmobiling on is Myrdalsjokull glacier. Myrdalsjokull glacier is on the south shore route and is absolutely stunning glacier with views over the black sandy beach and Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

Number 4 Ice walk

Walk into winter wonderland in Iceland with a private guide and see the glacier up close and personal. Solheimajokull glacier tongue is fantastic to explore on foot. Walk between the crevasses and we might find an Ice cave. We will take some coffee and delicious cookies with us and take a break and just sit down and admire the beauty in front of us.

Number 3 Diving or Snorkeling

Silfra is one of Iceland’s best-kept secrets, situated in the heart of Thingvellir, the site of the world’s oldest parliament and a UNESCO world heritage site. Silfra is located directly on top of the rift between the continents of America and Europe. The crystal clear water in the deep fissure gives you a feeling of being weightless as you dive towards the bottom. This is without question one of the best dive sites in the world.

Number 2 Self-drive a super jeep

Off-road self-drive with a guide. There is perhaps nothing more Icelandic than an oversized vehicle prepared for all situations and every non-road. A real off-road experience that will show you the wonder of Iceland‘s raw nature from a whole new perspective.

Number 1 Inside the volcano

Thrihnukagigur volcano is a unique natural phenomenon. By putting up the necessary gear and equipment, we´ve created a tour that opens the door to a new world. And it really isn´t that complicated to experience it. All you need is the willingness and the guts to descend 120 meters/400 ft. to the bottom of the crater in an open cable lift. This activity is only open during the summer season in Iceland.