Our favorite activities in Iceland that will get your adrenaline pumping

Whether you’re an adrenaline junky or new to the adventure life style, you’re bound to find something to get your heart pumping in Iceland. Our island is your playground; White water rivers, wide lava fields, blue glaciers and terrible canyons. Below you can find a list of our favorite extreme activities fit for any adventurer.


Discover the stunning scenery in an adrenaline-fueled ride above streams, green hills, waterfalls and valleys. The tour includes an easy hike through breathtaking river canyon and two zip-line rides. Once you are ready the next thing you know you are zipping above the canyon, heart pumping with excitement and having the best birds-eyes view of the area that you can’t imagine beforehand.



Experience a truly magnificent experience suitable for every nature loving thrill seeker. A tandem flight is an introductory paragliding flight where you need no prior knowledge. Just come and experience the world from a new and exciting perspective. Once the Paraglider is inflated and safety checks are done we take a few steps down a slope until we are walking on air!



This World-class whitewater rafting tour is an adrenaline packed day through a beautiful canyon in North Iceland. The “Whitewater Action” tour gives you 3 hours on the river, rushing down a magnificent canyon over thrilling rapids. The river is highly rated among rafting enthusiasts and attracts many experienced white-water rafters every season. Although the river is rated as a class 4 (out of five) river, no rafting experience is required but you must be in good physical condition as well as being a good swimmer in order to join this tour. Be sure not to miss this unique opportunity to raft down the East glacier river while you are in Iceland.


Ice Climb

An ice climbing tour is a perfect option for those seeking to add even more thrill to their glacier experience in Iceland. Under the guidance of highly trained professionals, you'll scale towering walls of blue ice and expose yourself to magnificent views you'll never forget. Head up the riddled outlet glacier, walk between deep crevasses, amazing ice formations, jagged ridges and spine-tingling sinkholes.