Introducing Torfhús Retreat

Torfhús Retreat is the newest addition to the hotel market in Iceland. It is a turfhouse village in the heart of The Golden Circle. Each turfhouse is 60 sqm with two sleeping rooms and a spacious living area. Adjacent to the houses the steam rises from the geothermal powered basalt stone pools. Reused oak and rustic painted walls dominate the interior, every item, fixture and furniture carefully selected to enrich this truly unique experience. The house takes you back a century, while a historic ethos is cleverly combined with modern day comforts.

Each turfhouse comes with a geothermally heated basalt stone pool. Provided in each house are fresh towels and comfortable bathrobes.

In the Viking Langhus you will find the reception and a cosy restaurant where breakfast and lunch is served. Typical Icelandic dinner is available on request. There is also a little deli corner where guests can choose from a selection of snacks, sandwiches, cold drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Torfhús Retreat fully supports sustainable practices. In Iceland, we are lucky to have a completely sustainable energy system powered mostly by hydroelectric power and geothermal energy. They do their best to reduce their carbon footprint by minimizing plastic use as well as having fully electric service cars. In regards to food and beverages, they strive for a zero waste policy.