5 Amazing Luxury Day Tours in Iceland

1) Myvatn Area

Myvatn area is in the northern part of Iceland. If you just want to see the highlights it‘s possible do do a day tour from Reykjavik using a private aircraft or helicopter. It‘s also possible to  overnight in the Myvatn area as there are so many things to see it‘s impossible to see everything in one day. Luxury tour that you will never forget.


  • Godafoss waterfall:Around the year 1000, a law speaker threw his statues of Norse gods into the waterfall and made Christianity the official religion of Iceland.
  • Lake Myvatn:A shallow eutrophic lake not far from Krafla volcano that erupted from 1975-1984 (not constantly).
  • Dimmuborgir: Translates as “Dark cities”, the area consist of a massive collapse lava tube formed by a lava lake. Today its visited do to various volcanic caves and rock formations that are well worth seeing.
  • Dettifoss:100 meters wide and a drop of 45 meters and has an average water flow of 193 m3/s making it the most powerful waterfall in Europe

2) Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Private tour with a luxury vehicle. Snaefellsjokull glacier is the location Jules Verne picked as the beginning of his book, Journey to the center of the earth. Snaefellsnes peninsula is a birds paradise, with sandy beaches on one side and the mountains on the other and Snaefellsjokull glacier towering over.


  • Gerduberg: Wall of beautiful basalt columns, forming geometric patterns in the cliffs.
  • Snaefellsjokull glacier: Snaefellsjokull glacier lies atop an extinct volcano. A magnificent sight, it rises, solitary, at the end of the peninsula, into the North Atlantic sky.
  • Hellnar: An area with rugged shore cliffs and abundant bird life. Nearby are a wealth of caves, volcanic craters chasms and fantastic lava formations.
  • Djupalonssandur: A sandy beach on the foot of Snaefellsjokull. It was once home to sixty fishing boats and one of the most prolific fishing villages on the Snaefellsnes peninsula but today the bay is uninhabited.

3) Skaftafell and Jokulsarlon lagoon                                         

Skaftafell and Jokulsarlon will try to make this day the highlight of your trip. Skaftafell is the biggest National Park in Iceland and offers unbelivable scenery. Jokulsarlon is a huge lagoon with floating icebergs, the brave can take a boat trip to get close to the icebergs. It‘s best to do this luxury day tour while based on the south coast of Iceland.


  • Skaftafell:The scenery around Skaftafell is full of stark contrasts. The various glacial tongues are flanked by jagged mountains, with the glacier-topped peak of Hvannadalshnjukur rising highest, or up to 2109 meters (6921 ft.) making it the highest point of Iceland.
  • Svinafellsjokull glacier: A short hike to see the a glacier tongue breathtaking outlet glacier crawl down a valley from the main glacier, Vatnajokull glacier.
  • Jokulsarlon lagoon: Glacial lagoon with floating icebergs. It recently became the deepest lake in Iceland at over 248 meters (814 ft.) depth as glacial retreat extended its boundaries. The size of the lake has increased fourfold since the 1970s. It is considered as one of the natural wonders of Iceland.
  • Skeidara river: The longest bridge in Icceland runs over the river Skeidara. The bridge has been damaged from time to time because of floods caused by the melting glaciers.

4) Reykjanes Peninsula

Reykjanesskagi is a peninsula at the southwestern end of Iceland, near the capital Reykjavik. The peninsula is marked by active volcanism under its surface, and large lava fields, allowing little vegetation.There are numerous hot springs and sulphur springs to see on the Reykjanes peninsula. Reykjanes peninsula is location for the famous Blue lagoon which you can enjoy in the end of this luxury tour.


  • Kleifarvatn Lake:In a big earthquake in 2000 the lake began to diminish and about 20% of its surface disappeared. Since the earthquake it has slowly started to fill up again and in 2008 the lake had regained its previous surface level.
  • Seltun geothermal area:Sulphuric water and gases have created colorful deposits, the soil is colored in green, yellow and red colors.
  • Krysuvikurbjarg:cliff where you see the North Atlantic Ocean break on the cliff. Krysuvikurbjarg is known for its active bird life and of course it’s amazing beauty.
  • Blue lagoon:The waters in the Blue Lagoon are rich in minerals that are meant to have healing powers for your skin. The Blue lagoon is something you may only experience once in a lifetime.

5) Golden Circle

Private tour with a luxury vehicle. Icelands main attraction is the Golden Circle, it combines most of what Iceland has to offer, beautiful landscape, powerful geysers and the most magnificent waterfall. If you‘re in a mood for something more, you can also visit kerid, a volcanic crater.


  • Thingvellir National Park: A huge part of Icelands history since the first Althingi in 930. It is also a Geological phenomenon, standing on two tectonic plates that are gradually moving away from each other. Thingvellir is listed as a Unesco World heritage site.
  • Geysir area: Home to anumber of hot spouting geysers. The most famous one is Great Geysir itself but the  most energetic one is Strokkur, it spouts every few minutes up to the height of 40 meters.
  • Gullfoss waterfall: Iceland‘s most famous waterfall, plummeting down 32 meters in two stages directy to the canyon below. The water in Gullfoss comes from the second biggest glacier in Iceland, Langjokull glacier.
  • Kerid: Volcanic crater located in Grimsnes. Kerid is a crater lake 170 meters wide and 270 meters across.