Hotel Ranga Northern Lights Special

November 16, 2017

When the days get colder and the nights grow longer, we know that the season of the Northern Lights is upon us. The natural phenomenon that many people want to cross off their bucket list, can best be seen outside of Reykjavik. Due to Iceland’s unpredictable weather you often need a few nights until you can finally witness the dance of the Northern lights.

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Private Travel Iceland at ILTM this December

October 12, 2017

This December, Private Travel Iceland – PTI ehf. is attending ILTM for the first time. Up until now we have been flying under the radar, our reputation has proceeded us, carried by the word of mouth. From the beginning it has been our goal to provide excellent service which we can be proud of, leaving our guests amazed after their stay in Iceland. Our first and only priority is our guests comfort and experience, and by this means our list of happy clients has expanded as the time has gone by.

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Our top 5 reasons to visit Iceland

September 7, 2017

Iceland is a unique destination that offers unspoilt nature, breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture. Before you decide where to spend your next vacation, be sure to read up on our top 5 reasons to visit Iceland.

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Top 10 Luxury Travel Tips in Iceland

August 14, 2017

Iceland is perfect for the luxury traveler with a world class accommodation, amazing restaurants, fun activities and breathtaking landscape. Combine all this with the perfect guide/driver and you will get a priceless and unforgettable experience.

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5 Amazing Luxury Day Tours in Iceland

July 13, 2017

Discover 5 amazing luxury day tours in Iceland, available from Reykjavik City all year round.

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Top 5 activities to do in Iceland

January 17, 2017

Iceland is an outdoor dream and one of the biggest playgrounds in the world. In Iceland you can find all kinds of activities and some of them will not end up on this list. I wanted to have a short list and something you could do in a short visit to Iceland. So we left out activities like horseback riding and rib boat safari at the glacier lagoon to name the a few.

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Spas worth a visit whilst in Iceland

December 2, 2016

Iceland is the land of Fire, Ice and Water! The country is situated on a ‘hot spot’ resulting in geothermal activity.

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